A seminar on WVA…

COVID 19 mostly wrecked havoc on my teaching, research, and everyday life…but the silver linings have been attending international seminars where the borders suddenly don’t matter. I was delighted in late May to “attend” a seminar at the University of Kent’s new Centre for Indigenous and Settler Colonial Studies. The lead discussant, Sarah Smeed, wrote this generous blog account of it afterwards. This is a format that I hope continues long past our global lockdown!

“The study of colonialisms and Indigenous presence garners interest and insight from an eclectic range of disciplines. On May 25th 2020, a wide mix of historians, literatists, Indigenous studies scholars, and Americanists met to discuss Kate Fullagar’s recent work, ‘The Warrior, the Voyager, and the Artist’….” Read the full blog here.

Another attendee wrote another account for the ERC project SouthHem here.


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