Travels Through Time: 1776

I had a lot of fun doing this podcast with my friend Peter Moore. He came up with the idea for this series for the well-known British magazine, History Today. I was thrilled to be the third cab off the ranks after guests such as Michael Palin; apparently Simon Schaffer is up next. Peter’s idea was to get guests to speak about one moment in history, from three different perspectives. Coincidentally, this is precisely what I had done in the middle interlude of my forthcoming book, so I was all ready to travel back to 10th December 1776.

We met in a borrowed flat in Mayfair at the end of a flying work visit to the UK in November 2018. Here we are in front of the mic, photo taken by the producer, Maria Nolan.

moore and fullagar

Peter came up with this great title and apt blurb:

Worlds Colliding: the Warrior, the Voyager and the Artist.   In this episode of Travels Through Time the Australian historian Dr Kate Fullagar travels back to 10 December 1776. She visits Old Somerset House on the Strand in London to watch the painter Joshua Reynolds delivering his annual lecture to the Royal Academy; she crosses the Atlantic to the home of the diplomat Ostenaco in Cherokee Country; and she steps aboard HMS Resolution in the mid-Indian Ocean, as the much-travelled Pacific Islander Mai heads home on Captain Cook’s third great voyage. Set just months after the Declaration of Independence, Kate’s is a panoramic travel at a time of empire and great political and social change.

Take a listen on podbean here, or at the HT site here.

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