Lobby your Academy to Lobby the Minister

Read this appalling revelation by Senator Kim Carr and then ACT:


Unis, for however good a reason, often feel too compromised to protest this. Your academies however do not. Academies do not just represent their fellows. They represents ALL research in Australia, divided into four sectors. Do not think the sciences are immune. Whatever level researcher you may be, lobby YOUR academy to lobby the ministry:

The Academy of the Humanities: https://www.humanities.org.au/contact/

The Academy of the Science: https://www.science.org.au/about-us/contact-us

The Academy of the Social Sciences: https://www.assa.edu.au/

The Academy of Technology and Engineering: https://www.atse.org.au/atse/about/contact-us/content/contact-us.aspx?hkey=42a5153b-a42d-4651-b81b-3b8dac1f90df



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